Written by Joyous Hong

28 Dec. 2020




In December, the end of 2020, the whole world is still covered by the COVID-19 and the international trading business is still in the difficult developing.




Under this situation, our 102AII stripping machine being exported to American market just like the star in the dark sky. 102AII Stripping machine is our improved model, as the good assistant for the finishing job, it has the following advantages:


1. Dual-head blanking system

2. Heavy-Duty, quality-built gantry structure main frame

3. Frame style supporting base for precision blanking action ensuring damage free loads

4. Equipped with high-precision linear bearing rails and servo motors for smooth and precise frame movement

5. Operator friendly touch screen for quick and simple programming

6. Manual hand picking of blanks once stacked

7. Safety barrier sensor to stop the blanking action should the sensor detect an obstruction. Operator can only hand pick the blanks once each cycle is completed.


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