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RB6040/6040A Automatic Rigid Box Maker



Automatic Rigid Box Maker is a good equipment for making high-grade boxes because it is characterized by fine design, reliable performances and advanced technologies. It employs PLC, photoelectric detector system, hydraulic system, HMI to automatically finish feeding and gluing paper, conveying cardboard, forming and gluing four angles of cardboard, positioning and forming box in one time. It is applicable to make high-grade boxes for shoes, shirts, jewelry, gifts, etc.
1. Automatic delivery unit for paper feeder.
2. Automatic circulation, mixing and gluing system for hot-melting glue.
3. Hot-melting paper tape automatic conveying, cutting, and finish pasting the inner box quad stayer (four angles) of cardboard in one process.
4. The vacuum suction fan under the conveyer belt can keep the glued paper from deviating.
5. The glued paper and cardboard inner box employ hydraulic rectifying device to spot correctly. 
6. The box-forming unit can automatically collect boxes and deliver them according to the boxes convey situation on the conveyer belt.
7. The box-forming unit can continually delivery boxes, wrap sides, fold ears and paper sides and form in one process.
8. The whole machine employs PLC, photoelectric detector system and HMI to automatically form boxes in one process.
9. It can automatically diagnose the troubles and alarm accordingly.






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