Written by Joyous Hong

30 July. 2020



Here we demonstrate the new start among our TC series screen equipment family: TC106A SMART HIGH SPEED SCREEN PRINTING PRESS.




This machine is an unique equipment for packaging printing, decal printing, textile and legend printing. And most interested characteristics is as following:


1. High speed

Running at full sheet size with quality guaranteed, max speed can be 5000s/h, running at customized size, speed can go up to 6000s/h


2. Separated screen frame structure

Screen frame can break away from transmission part and be pulled out, it’s easy for adjusting the registration and feeding; meanwhile it is must safer and faster for cleaning of cylinder and screen; Optical sensors automatic detection system to ensure the reliability of the action and avoid rack breakage or damage of main drive


3. Screen plate compensation device

Automatic compensation for printing length’s contraction and extension

Automatic compensation for the substrate length change caused by former printing process


4. Can make high precision foil stamping

Lined with 106TJ cold foil unit, can make high precision foil stamping on line.


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